Zap GunEdit

The Zap Gun is a electronic wonder device similar to the Wunderwaffe DG-2 in both Call of Duty: WaW, and Black Ops. The Zap Gun can be put together to create the Wave Gun, which can be seen here. The Zap Gun can hold up to 8|8 ammo, when pack-a-punched, the zap gun turns into Porter's X2 Zap Gun, which can hold up to 12|12 ammo. When the wave gun is combined from the 2 zap guns, pack-a-punched would be called the Max Wave Gun, which will be added to Wave Gun's wikia information soon.



These guns when will shoot exactly like the DG-2, except it does not grab onto other zombies. The Zap Gun can be found in the Mystery box in the zombie level Moon for 950 Points each. It was known to shoot like a ray gun on one side and the Wunderwaffe DG-2 on the other.


The zap gun is the first dual wieldable and interchangeable wonder weapon in zombies.

The Porter's X2 Ray Gun is similar to the zap gun when pack-a-punched because H. Porter also created this gun.

Treyarch Designer Max Porter, the creator of the ray gun design, made this design also, so as the wave gun.

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