Split wave gun

This is a wonder weapon on the map Moon.


The Wave Gun will be able to "cook" the zombies from the inside out, causing the zombies to expand slowly, then taking the zombie off the ground and suddenly explodes. The Wave Gun has two parts, and can cook the zombies if they are connected, or can electrocute the zombies if Dual Wielded (Dual Wield Wave gun is like the entire but broken in half and with one part per hand and more ammo).


  • This is the only Wonder Weapon that can be dual wielded.
  • It is the rifle counterpart and spiritual successor of the Ray Gun.
  • It is the only weapon that uses two different types of ammunition without an attachment.
  • The Wave Gun is the only weapon that can be dual wielded and normally wielded.
  • It has the same amount of ammo as the Thunder Gun.
  • It is one of the Wonder Weapons that keeps it's name after Pack-A-Punch. Others being Ray Gun, V-R11, Winters Howel and Wonder Waffe DG-2.


Wave Gun
Black Ops
Power Instant Kill

Dual and Single Weildable

Fire Speed Slow
Range Infinate
Reload Speed Med
Weight Med
Level/Cost $950
Category Wonder Weapon