Verruckt is the second zombies map released for World at War. This map is also available in the hardened/prestige editions of Call of Duty Black Ops. The new Rezurrection map pack also includes Verruckt.


Verruckt is set in an abandoned insane asylum in Germany, where up to four players must defend against a possibly unlimited number of waves of zombies. Each room in the building contains a number of windows that can be barricaded with wooden planks. This map is similar to Nacht Der Untoten in the fact that the zombies still only come in the building through barriers. Two consecutive melee attacks will get the player "downed" and put him into Last Stand mode. In solo, its possible to identify your player from one of the marines that were sent to Verruckt, in Multi-player it's not needed.

New FeaturesEdit

Three new features are perks, the power, and traps. These new features are new in this map.

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