The V-R11 is a Wonder Weapon It has the unique ability to change zombies into people. The V-R11 appears in the Nazi Zombies map Call Of The Dead.. When a zombie is reverted it appears to change into a man wearing a black suit with sunglasses. The newly reverted human will run to the nearest body of water killing himself once he freezes.

The affected zombie will turn into a human again, panic, and attempt to run away. It could be used as a makeshift Monkey Bomb since nearby zombies will proceed to attack him if he is closest to the zombies, but will not pay much attention and will resume to attack the player after the human runs farther away.

Pack-a-Punched VariantEdit

When the V-R11 is Pack-a-Punched, it becomes the "V-R11 Lazarus". Shooting the V-R11 at a player causes the player to be temporarily invincible for around 10 seconds. The "V-R11 Lazarus" adds an instant kill effect.


  • The "reverted" zombie in the trailer and in the game changes into a man that looks like a typical FBI agent.
  • The V-R11 calms George A. Romero but, only for a few seconds. The Pack-a-Punched version extends this time.
  • If the Pack-a-Punched version, the V-R11 Lazarus, is shot at George when he is in the water, it makes him leave for two rounds.
  • It is unknown who invented this Wonder Weapon.
  • The V-R11 Lazarus will make zombies ignore allies for about 10 seconds and gives a temporary Insta-Kill effect.