A Thunder Gun Drawing.


"Its Sloter time! Ohh rah!"-Stevenator Sand

Thundergun Easter EggEdit

This Easter Egg is on Black Ops on any Game system!Edit

  1. Go To Campian
  2. Go to the mission named NUMBERS
  3. At the begining near the Nova 6 Cans there is a tape pick it up
  4. Get to the roof
  5. Jump were it says to
  6. Land
  7. Go inside the weapons catche
  8. Look for a tape Player
  9. Walk up too it
  10. Hold the action Button
  11. Wait (you will notice the sceern shacking)
  12. Look at the wall
  13. The Thunder Gun is there! pick it up.
  14. Kill people.
  15. Have Fun!

Note: It only is on this mission NUMBERS.Edit

Stevenator Sand

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