Team Death Match also known as TDM is one of the most classic Online Multi-Player modes in the whole CoD series. It is divided into two teams. (the number of people on which team varies form the game and mode) Each team must kill opponents to get points. The team to get the most points within the ten minute time limit or gets the maxs points wins. There is several different types of TDM but, this is the most original and most popular game mode ever. The Max kills is 75 unless a player changes this in Pirivate Match.

Differences (by game)Edit


Cod WaW TDM is the same like all others but the Points per kill is 10. And 20 XP. Max score is 750.

CoD:MWR or MWEdit

Basicly the same as WaW. Each kill is woth 10 points and XP. Max score is 750.


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Each kill is worth 100 points and XP. The max score is 7500.


Each kill is worth 100 points and XP. 7500 is the max score.