Kino Der TotenEdit

  • "Oooh, no honor for you!" - upon killing a zombie
  • "Without ammo, I have no honor" - when out of ammo
  • "Honor to the doctor!" - When looking at Richtofen's portrait
  • "You kill me NO i kill you!" (when a zombie hits him)
  • "Speed Cola, speed up your life." - after drinking Speed Cola
  • "No ammo means no honor"-out of ammo
  • "For the Emperor"- killing a zombie
  • I am possesed by the power of THE EMPEROR! (killing a zombie with the Thundergun)
  • I am falling into darkness! (getting down)
  • Hehehe, the emperor would be amused. (gettinng the Monkey bomb from the Mystery Box)
  • This is not how I wish to die! (when getting down)
  • What is that sound? (turning on the power)
  • I found a rock. (geting Meteor #1)
  • I found another rock. (getting Meteor #2)
  • You explode with honor. (killing a Zombie with a Frag)
  • Vengence waits for no ammuniton. (Out of ammo)
  • I will use my bare hands. (when out of ammo)
  • You all kneel for the Emporer! (killing a zombie)
  • Is this how it ends? (getting down)
  • Ahh my boots! (getting hit by a Crawler)
  • Destruction regins on the unholly! (getting a Nuke)
  • Die Monster! (stabbing a zombie)
  • I will not stop untill you are all destoyed! (randomly)
  • I have no ammo.... I have no honor... (out of ammo)
  • Who is responable for this! (getting the Teddy Bear)
  • Look out for the short zombie! (getting hit by a crawler)
  • You will not see tomorow! (killing a zombie)
  • This is without reason! (getting down)
  • You bring dishonor upon your lineage German. (Beginning of the giant)

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