The Spy Plane, UAV, or Radar and Recon Plane is a killsteak in CoD:Black Ops, CoD:MW3,Call Of Duty World at War, MW2, MWR, and MW. It gives all players enemy locations for 30 seconds. It only takes 3 kills to get making it a useful kilstreak for beginers and snipers. The best use is when playing a Hardcore mode.


  • For Snipers
  • For Beginers
  • On Hardcore Modes
  • On FFA
  • DO NOT use when a enemy Counter-Spy Plane or Counter UAV is active.

Simalar ItemsEdit

The killstreak with the most similarity is the SR-71 AKA the Blackbird.

Another way to get it is via Care Package.


The other special way to get it quick is the Hardline Perk. It allows you to get the killsteak with one less kill.

EX: Spy=3 Kills With Perk= 2 kills