Search & Destroy is a game mode in CoD simalar to Sabotage. One team gets a bomb and must destoy 1 of 2 enemy objectives. Everyone has 1 life, so going around acting stupid isn't realy a good idea. There is a best 4 out of 7 game round. After 3 rounds you switch sides. Meaning the team that has the bomb now must defend the objectives instead of destroying it. Scince there is only one life per person, it is recommended that veteran players play this instead of beginers.

Ways to WinEdit

Bombing TeamEdit

On the bombing team you must plant and destroy the bomb on the objective or eleminate all enemy players.

Defending TeamEdit

To win you must wait for the time to run out, defuse the planted bomb or kill all enemy players.


  • Be careful
  • Use explosives for instant kills
  • Uses Knifes or TomoHawks