Perks are specail items used in-game to add certain qualitys to the player using it. The max perks allowed to use at once is 3 unless using the specialist strike package. Perks are even featured in zombies. They can save your life in battle and keep the players in a stealth-like mode if needed. The Perks pages and quick summeries are listed below.



  • Juggernog- Gives the player a large health boost. Costs $2500
  • PhD Flopper- Causes no falling damage and no explosive damage to your self. Diving makes an explosion that can kill zombies. Costs $2000.
  • Double Tap Root Beer- Increases the firing rate for most of the guns. $2000 Money is needed to buy.
  • Quick Revive Soda-(SOLO Version) Revives the player automaticly. $500 is the ammount needed. (ONLINE version) Allows you to revive other players faster. Cost $1500.
  • Mule Kick-This perk allows the player to have 3 guns instead of 2. Costs $4000.
  • Speed Cola- Allows the player to reload twice as fast. Also rebuilds barriers slightly faster.

More added soon.

Black OpsEdit

  • Hardline- Allows you to get a killstreak with one less kill. (PRO version)- Allows you to change the contents of a Care Package.
  • Marathon-Sprint for longer times. (PRO version)- Sprint for unlimited duriation.
  • Light Weight- Move faster. (PRO version)- Take no fall damage.
  • Second Chance- Pull out your pisltol before dying. (PRO version)- Able to be revived.
  • Scout- Hold breath longer while sniping.
  • Flack Jacket- Less Explosive damage taken. (PRO version)- No explosive damage taken.
  • Warloard- Able to put two attachments on your weapon. (PRO version)- Extra Leathal and Tactical grenades. (Not smoke)
  • Slight of Hand- Reload Faster
  • Hardened- Bullets penetrate objects more.
  • Hacker- See locaation of enemy equipment. (PRO version)- Sabotage enemy equipment and boobt trap care packages.

More added soon.

Modern WarfareEdit

  • Juggernaut- Slight health boost.
  • Stopping Power- Increaced bullet damage dealt.
  • UAV Jammer- Not shown on enemy Mini-map.
  • Frag x3- Have 3 Frag grenades.
  • Grenade Launcher- This replaces the first perk if attached to your weapon.
  • Overkill- 2 primary weapons used instead of a side arm.
  • RPG x2- 2 Rocket Propelled Grenades.
  • Claymore x2- To deployable claymore mines.
  • Deep Impact- Bullets penetrate walls easier.

More added soon.


Added soon.


  • Hardline- Killstreaks require 1 less kill to earn. (PRO version)- 2 assists counts as 1 kill and death streaks are earned at 1 less death.
  • Assasain- Invisable to UAVs. Portable Radar, and Heartbeat scencers. (PRO version)- CUAVs and EMPs don't effect you.
  • Overkill- Have 2 primarys (PRO version)- Can put an attachment on second weapon.
  • Blast Sheild- Less explosive damage taken. (PRO version)- Resistance to flash ans stun.
  • Slight of Hand- Reload faster. (PRO version)-Switch weapons faster.
  • Blind Eye- Air support on sentreys do't attck you. (PRO Versoin)- Do more damage to enemy killstreak rewards.

More added soon.

Call Of Duty World at WarEdit

  • Gas Mask- No effect from poison gas.
  • Stopping Power- Increaced bullet damage dealt.
  • x2 Bozooka- 2 Bazooka rockets.
  • x2 Bouncing Bettey- 2 sping powered explosives.
  • Juggernaut- Increased health.
  • Deep Impact- Increased bullet penetration.

More added soon;



Mule Kick seen on Black Ops

[[Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3|
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This is similar to the Juggernaut symbol.


Double Tap Root Beer

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