The Olympia is a Double-Barreld Shot gun. With Low Damage and reload speed it is only effective till about round 7. Then you should upgrade it or trade it for a better weapon.


When Pack-A-Punched it becomes the HADES. With more damage, flame rounds and faster reloading it is good to about round 18.


Regular FactsEdit

  1. Ammo-2
  2. Ammo Reserve- 28
  3. Damage-Low
  4. Fire Rate - Slow
  5. Reload Speed- Very Slow
  6. Range- Short
  7. Wieght- Light

Upgraded FactsEdit

  1. Ammo-2
  2. Ammo Reserve-50
  3. Damage- Med-High
  4. Range-Short
  5. Attachments- Flame Bullets, and Grip
  6. Reload Speed- Fast
  7. Wieght-Light
  8. Fire Rate-Slow