Nuke town

"Nuke"-Stevenator Sand

Nuke TownEdit

Nuke town is on CoD:Black Ops. It is quite small and not a very good sniper level if you think it is. It is a quick pace death match when on Free-For All or Team Death Match. At the end of the match it shows the nuke itself go off as a funny thing I guess. But if you like QuickScoping it is a good play to quickscope

Nuke Town 24/7Edit

Is a rare playlistadded by treyarch, that allows any ranked player to play Nuke Town Only.

Easter Egg MusicEdit

To turn on a song on Nuke town shoot ALL the manicans heads off in less than 15 seconds. DO NOT knock off any other body part or it will not work. Have fun. it will play a song by the rolling stones