The Mainframe is the name of the base that the teleporters are linked to. They can only be activated when the power is turned on. After a teleporter is used, all players who used it will return to the Mainframe. In Der Reise  the mainframe is in the courtyard and in Kino Der Toten it is located in the lobby. The teleporter in Kino der Toten needs to be linked to the mainframe before each use. The teleportation system also has to cool down after each use. This takes about two minutes. Also in Kino der Toten , after using the teleporter, the player will be sent to the Pack-A-Punch room for thirty seconds. Then, the player is sent to the mainframe. The player might also be sent to one of the random rooms, which may contain a film reel and/or a power-up. After about five seconds, the player is teleported to the mainframe, as usual. The mainframe could also be the name of a universe or world where all particles that are teleported go to.

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