Call Of Duty World At War VersionEdit

In WaW the MP40 is a usable weapon on Campaign,Zombies(Not included on Wii), and Multi-Player. It has a Slow rate of fire and a good damage rate. Reloading and range are about Med.. In Zombies It is Bought for $1000 of the wall in some maps.

CoD:Black Ops VersionEdit

In Black Ops the MP40 is only accesable on Campian and Zombies. Like on WaW it has a slow fire rate,short range, med reload rate, and med damage. Also it is Bought for $1000 points.


The MP40 Pack-A-Punched is turned into the Afterburner. It has more damage and 64 ammo clips instead of 32.


Black OpsEdit

  • None


  • Drum Mag
  • Dot sight
  • Tripod


  • Drum Mag


Black Ops


Power Med
Fire Speed Slow
Range Short to Med
Reload Speed Med-Fast
Capacity 32
Weight Light
Level/Cost $1000
Users Any
Category SMG

Black Ops

Power Med-High
Fire Speed Slow
Range Short to Med
Reload Speed Med
Capacity 64
Weight Light
Level/Cost $5000
Users Zombies
Category Upgraded SMG

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