This is usaly the default grenade on most CoDs. It is able to cook in your hand and is able to "bounce" to hard places. On zombies each round you get 2. There are lots of challenges and titles to go with the frags.


On zombies the grenades are $250 and do high damage to zombies. It can create Crawlers when detonated.



  • Watch were you throw them. Grenades cause alot of deaths on early Waves.
  • Grenades are less useful at about wave 22. Making the zombies fall down instead or killing them or making crawlers.
  • Grenades are the cheapest weapon to buy and is powerful.
  • Only the PhD Flopper can protect you from the grenades explosion.

Multiplayer and CampianEdit

  • Alot of people kill them self with the frag, so watch were and how you throw them.
  • Frags make is easy to kill campers and destroy hiding explosives.
  • Frags also make it easy to get Multi-kills.
  • They are used to reach high places and small holes.
  • Frags can blow up in your hand killing you instantly.

More deailed info coming soon