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The only thing better than an M16? Two M16s!

–Tank Dempsey when buying an M16


The M16 is a 3 round burst weapon with good fire power, range etc. On zombies it is good to about round 13. Then you should upgrade it or aim for headshots. On Multillayer it is an exelent long range weapon. Many players on MW3 dislike it due to the large decrease in fire speed. It has good attachments that help make it better.


When PaPed it becomes the SkullCrusher. It is now a Full-Automatic, with more damage and a grenade laucher.



  • Grenade Launcher
  • ACOG Scope
  • Red Dot
  • Reflex Sight
  • Suppreser
  • Flamethrower (not in Wii Vesion)
  • Extended Mag


  • Full-Auto
  • Grenade Launcher


M16 Facts
MW3 , Black Ops, and MW
Power Med-High
Fire Speed 3-round burst
Range Long
Reload Speed Med
Capacity 30/260
Weight Med
Level/Cost $1200

$2000 CoD Points

Users Any
Category Assult Rifile

Upgraded FactsEdit

Skullcrusher Facts
Black Ops
Power High
Fire Speed High
Range Long
Reload Speed Med
Capacity 30/260
Weight Med
Level/Cost $5000
Users Any
Category Upgraded Assult rifile

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