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File:115 Elena Siegman Call of Duty Black Ops - Kino Der Toten Easter Egg song Kevin SherwoodFile:115 Song (With Lyrics) From Call Of Duty ZombiesFile:187824 153428701388833 7524680 n.jpg
File:7px-CoDPoints svg.pngFile:ACOG.jpgFile:Ammo2.jpg
File:App 2 207185079361271 4754.gifFile:Backstaber.pngFile:Badge-blogpost-0.png
File:Badge-picture-0.pngFile:Badge-pounce.pngFile:Black Ops Awesome Tomahawk
File:Black Ops Zombies Door Glitch (WORKING)File:CZ75.pngFile:Call-of-duty-black-ops-20110803024736953 thumb ign.jpg
File:Call-of-duty-world-at-war-2.jpgFile:Call Of Duty Black Ops (Wii) Zombies GameplayFile:Call Of Duty Black Ops Zombies (Wii) Ammo Hack
File:Call Of Duty Black Ops Zombies (Wii version) Ammo HackFile:Call of Duty Black Ops (Wii) Zombies GameplayFile:Call of Duty Black Ops Wall01 by floxx001.png
File:Call of Duty XP 2011 - Modern Warfare 3 Special Ops.jpgFile:Call of Duty XP 2011 - XP and Xbox 360 logos.jpgFile:Callofdutymodernwarfare3 1.jpg
File:Care Pack.pngFile:Care Pack2.pngFile:Care Pack 3.png
File:Carpenter.jpgFile:CoD Black Ops (Wii) Zombie Hacks Infinite ammo and Rapid FireFile:CoD Black Ops (Wii) Zombie Hacks Infinite ammo and Rapid Fire!
File:Cod.pngFile:Commander.pngFile:Cooked grenade.png
File:Dome.jpgFile:Drift.jpgFile:E3 2010 Call of Duty Black Ops banner.jpg
File:Forum new.gifFile:Fragss.pngFile:Glitch 002.JPG
File:HK21.jpgFile:Hardline pro.pngFile:Hh.jpg
File:Joint Ops.jpgFile:Killstreak-counter-spy-plane.jpgFile:M16menu (1).png
File:MW3.pngFile:MW3 Glitch Sea Town (Not new or old)File:MW3 Name Glitch
File:Moab.jpgFile:Modified chat icon talk page.pngFile:Mulekick.jpg
File:Mw3 (Wii) Gameplay on Arkaden (Domination)File:Mw3 (for Wii) Gameplay on Arkaden (Domination)File:Mystery Box.jpg
File:N.jpgFile:Napalm Zombie.jpgFile:Noob Tuber.jpg
File:Noob Tuber.pngFile:Nuke.jpgFile:Ok.jpg
File:Ok2.jpgFile:P90 skull.pngFile:Pill CoD.png
File:Pushin.jpgFile:Pvt First class.jpgFile:Quick.jpg
File:Ray.jpgFile:SSDD.pngFile:Samantha Maxis.png
File:Sandman.jpgFile:Stun Gun.jpgFile:TacDel.jpg
File:The Legend.jpgFile:Thunder.jpgFile:Thunder2.jpg
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