Please add any Killstreaks not added that a person might know of.

Black Ops KillstreaksEdit

World at War KillstreaksEdit

Modern Warfare Reflex or RegularEdit

Modern Warfare 3Edit

  • support package UAV Recon-3
  • Counter-UAV-4
  • SAM Turrent-4
  • Care Package-5
  • Booby Trap Package-5
  • Attack Chopper-7
  • Advanced UAV-12
  • I.M.S-5
  • juggernaught-15 or 18 for support.
  • Assault Drone-10
  • E.M.P Burst-18 (Support)
  • Getting 25 kills without dying will get you a M.O.A.B
  • Osprey Gunner-17
  • Reaper Turrent-7

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