George A. Rmero, a famous director, is the enemy star boss in Call Of Duty Black Ops the map Call Of The Dead. Romero became infected while shooting for his next movie Call of the Dead. He became captured during a real zombie outbreak in the same general location he was filming. He was grabbed by a zombie that was mistaken as an actor, and was taken over a rail into the water.


At the start George walks around moaning with a blue glow around him. When you shoot, knife, or get to close to him he gets enraged and will chase that person. The V-R11 and a body of water will calm him down. George is the zombie with the most known health amount starting at about, One million and Two hunderd thousand... geeez. He also carries a light that they use in movies.


  1. Spawn, behind and in front of light house.
  2. Jump on a zipline after Romero and he will fall. This will temporarly remove him from the round and he will come back later.
  3. The Scavenger and the Ray Gun are both great guns to kill George with.
  4. Once you kill him after you have done the easter egg he will drop a max ammo and a wunderwaffal but the wunderwaffa looks like a perk if you didnt do the easter egg he drops a max ammo and a perk