The G11 is a gun featured in Call Of Duty Black Ops on Multi-player, Campian, and Zombies. It is a good gun with 3-round bursts and long range. It has forthy-eight round clips making it more useful than the M16. This is the only gun to feature the Low Power Scope.


  1. Low Power Scope
  2. Variable Zoom


On zombies it can only be bought from the Mystery Box for $950 or $10. Pack-A-Punched is becomes the the G115 Generator. The name refurs to 115. It is fully-auto-matic when upgraded. It has more damage and a fast fire rate. Effective till roun 20 or so. Also the Low Power Scope is the default attachment for it on zombies.

Campaign and Multi-PlayerEdit

On Multi-Player(MP) this gun can be bought for $2000 CoD points. It only has two attachments (both scopes) meaning Warlord Perks aren't very useful for this weapon. On campian the G11 features the Low Scope too.


Black Ops
Power Med
Fire Speed 3-round Burst
Range Long
Reload Speed Med
Capacity 48
Weight Med
Level/Cost $950

$2000 CoD Points

Users Any
Category Smg
G115 Generator
Black Ops
Power High
Fire Speed High
Range Long
Reload Speed Med
Capacity 48
Weight Med
Level/Cost $5000
Users Zombies players
Category Upgraded SMG

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