Kino der TotenEdit

  • "How could I be running out of ammo?" (low on ammo)
  • "An autopsy is more easily performed with a shotgun." (shotgun kill)
  • "No rounds, no wounds... NO JOY!" (low on ammo)
  • "I need to find more of my little friends!" (low on ammo)
  • "I only have a few rounds left!" (low on ammo)
  • "No ammo is NO FUN!" (out of ammo)
  • "HHHMMM no power Dempsey go turn it on" (at the very begining of the game)
  • "Without ammo I will have to resort to...STABBING!!!" (out of ammo)
  • "I need to find some ammunition... *wailing*(out of ammo)
  • "Where did you go?" (when the box moves)
  • "Samantha... Samantha, where have you run off to?" (when the box moves)
  • "But I need your gifts! HOW CAN I HAVE THEM?" (when the box moves)
  • "That dreadful little girl continues to make my life difficult." (when the box moves)
  • "Samantha, didn't I teach you a lesson about this?" (when the box moves)
  • (When talking the Dempsey Portrait)"Hello Dempsey. Oh, it's justs a portrait. AN UGLY ONE!!!"
  • (When reviving Dempsey)"I will help you Dempsey, only because I will be the one who eats your liver!"
  • (When escaping many zombies)"I am ALIVE!!!"
  • (After killing a zombie) "DON'T TOUCH THE DOCTOR!!! Unless he asks."
  • (Random)"Here comes the poweeer"
  • (shooting a zombie at close range) "OH THE LOVELY BLOOD!!!" (or) "I like the way the warm blood feels against my ssckkiin."
  • (After using Pack-A-Punch) "This is the POWER!!!"
  • (At the beginning of the game) "Oh joy, no power" (or) "Ah, there is no power, how sucpicous, OR OBVIOUS!"
  • (At the start of a Hellhound round) "My poor little accidents, STAY AWAY!" (or) "OH THE POOR 'PUPPIES!!!" (or) "Mommy said not to hurt animals anymore."
  • (After getting a random weapon) "Their kidneys will be all mine, but not for you Dempsey!"
  • (After turning on the power) "The beautiful creatures fall from the sky." (or) "Yeah..., YEAH..., YEAH!!!"(or) "What is that beautiful sound? Its like MUSIC!!"
  • (After getting the Aug) "(laughter) It makes a funny noise too"
  • (After killing a zombie with the ray gun) "DO YOU LIKE MY GLOWING GREEN BALLS!?!"
  • (When knocked down) "No I'm not ready for Hell. I dont even have my good shoes!"
  • (Being Revived) "Ah, Danke." (or) "Did the voices tell you to save me?"
  • (When knocked down) "No. This cannot be. I AM DEAD!"
  • Without ammo I shall have to resort to, STABBING!
  • More score! (when getting Double Points) OR : I get paid double for my effort.
  • Its pieces of Meteor! (Finding the first meteor fragment)
  • I found another rock..., mabey they stole this from Japan. (getting Rock #2)
  • They all go, POOF! (Getting a Nuke)


  • (After killing a Zombie with an explosive weapon) "Boom goes the corpses!"
  • (After killing a Zombie with a headshot) "Their little heads will go...Boom!"
  • (After grabbing a Double Points power-up) "Double Points! Double ze death, double ze fun."'
  • (After Dempsey goes down) "Clean-up on aisle six!.....Dempsey had an accident..."
  • (After killing a Zombie with an explosive weapon) "Ohh haha...Ze little demon goes boom'.."
  • (After killing a Zombie with a knife) "AH! There's blood in my eyes!--Oh yes.
  • (After killing a Zombie with a knife) "OHH! The inside of your head is delicious!"
  • (After killing a Zombie with an explosive weapon) Ohh, his death vas so....juicy."
  • (After killing a Zombie with an explosive weapon) "Oahhh ze body vundabah!"
  • (When being swarmed) "The wretched screams of the dead fill my heart with joooyy!"
  • (After purhcasing PhD Flopper) "It has DOCTAH in ze title! (Girly voice) Just like mee!"
  • (When a Zombie Monkey round starts) "Nein! Ze dirty hairy little man things are taking my..things!"
  • (After talking to a martyoshka doll) "OHH! There's a doll inside a doll inside a DOOLL!....Sounds perverse..!"
  • (Unkown) "Perhaps I shall dip ze tip in faecal matter."
  • (After receiving a Ray Gun from the Mystery Box) "With zis I can go a very long time!.....That turn you on?"
  • (After turning on the easter egg song "Abracadavre") "Ohh, I do like ze sound of zis tickles my special place."
  • (After killing a Crawler) "Look at him, CRAAWLING to his master.....oh he's dead."
  • (After being hit by a Zombie Monkey) "Is he trying to communica-Ohh no they've having sex... *Unzippes Pants""
  • (As a matryoshka doll talking to Rictofen)"Hehehe, stop tickling me!"
  • (As a matryoshka doll talking to Dempsey)"Oooh, your so big!"
  • (After talking to a matryoshka doll)"I used to smash these things, just so I could see my sister cry."
  • (After getting death machine)"Death has come to you my children."
  • (While swarmed)"I count one, two, three, oh shiz"
  • (While Swarmed)"Oh no, ze hands, groping feels...sooo gooood...hehehe" (evil voice)
  • (revived) "i'm not dead!"


  • (When collecting the Focusing Stone) It's mine! MINE! I'LL CONTROL THEM ALL!
  • (During the game over segment while Richtofen has the stone) Excellent, It is all coming together now. (Low laughing then he starts coughing then finishes laughing)
  • (During the game over segment while Tank, Nikolai or Takeo has the stone) Now that you are done I'll be taking that. (Laughing)
  • (After getting an achivement) I have earned Und Anchivement. (Qiet voise) yeah.
  • (While doing the easter egg) Weeeeeeeee! I hear a Crystal rising.
  • (Hearing the crawlers yell like FUK) NEIN! This sounds BAD, LIKE NIKOLAI SINGING
  • (Dempsey gets down) Feast little ones, FEAST!!! Ohhh........ I mean, I'm on my way Dempsey!
  • (When the box gets a teddy bear) BOX, I hate you....


  • ( After he switches souls with Samantha) "I WIN! ... The power! THE POWER! I WILL CONTROL THEM ALL! I WILL DESTROY YOU ALL!! But not before we continue the game!"
  • (Before putting the space suit on) NIE!!!! AIR! Good for toerture! HA!
  • (When Jumping) WEE, I can bounce aroubd like a free little bunny, WEE.

Der RieseEdit

  • (Random) Oh look!!! (Sarcastly) A big thingy like that other thingy.
  • (Getting chased or down) No...NOOO! I am not ready for HELL, I have nothing to wear!
  • (Zombie crawler smacks your boots) It's OKAY, I have every thing under control. *GROAN* GET OFF MY BOOTS!
  • (You purchase double tap) DOUBLE TAP ROOTBEER!!!!!!! Double tap, Double tap, Double tap, Double tap, Double tap, Double tap rootbeer........ rootbeer! Who doesn't like the rootbeer?
  • (Being chased by a load of zombies!) I am not scared but I could use some help.

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