Edward Richtofen
Game WaW

Black Os

Name Docter
Nickname(s) Doctor Richtofen
Gender Male
Location Unknown
Family Unknown
Weapon Wonderwaffe DG-2 and Ray gun.

(he made them)

Don't be afraid of death... Be afraid of ZE DOCTOR!!

–Edward Richtofen

- Dr. Edward Richtofen in Kino der Toten. Dr. Edward Richtofen is a character in Call of Duty: World at War and CoD:BO. He was a Nazi scientist who developed the Wunderwaffe DG-2 and loved to torture various victims of his.and he was also a member of the illuminati


Beware The Doc. My message was scrawled across walls of every Prisoner of War camp under Axis control. Starvation may cripple you, dysentery may wreck you, and gunfire may rip the flesh from your bones, but Beware The Doc.

My nickname, known affectionately as "The Butcher" to my victims as they scream in agony moments before I snuff out their light. Throughout my career, I have always been at the forefront of torture and information extraction research. Before the war I was a back alley plastic surgeon, who created an army of monstrous affluent Weimar socialites that would follow me around and laugh at every joke that I made. This all fell apart when the republic fell and the Nazi party took control. To me, their values were too moral, too liberal for my liking. I joined the army so I could satisfy my need to watch people die, slowly.

An incurable sociopath, I see no moral distinction between natural death and murder. The victim is the victim, regardless of how their demise manifests itself.

I have a collection of stuffed animals, most of them posed in positions of terror at the instant of their death.

He is the creator of the Hell hounds, the Wunderwaffe DG-2, and the culprit behind Dr. Ludwig Maxis' and Sammantha' disappearance. After all of the testing radios are found on Der Riese, the final radio replays the moment when Richtofen locked Dr. Maxis and his daughter, Sammantha, in a teleporter with a Hellhound. His final words before the recording stopped were, "Goodbye, Doctor Maxis." Richtofen also has several remarks in Der Riese that reinforce this image. For instance, whenever he finds a teleporter, he will sometimes remark, "Good, it is still here,I mean, uhh, ooooohh, what could this be?" He most likely wants to keep his involvement in the matter a secret from his colleagues.