Domination a Capture the Flag like mode but it takes a bit longer to win. The objective is to capture all of the flags and make sure that you and your team keep control of them. This game can give you some great advantages, like on the map Array in Black ops, you can cover flag "A" and flag "B"when you are on the power station sniping and you dont have to act quickly if you are trying to sniper and cover the flag becuase it will tell you if a flag is being taken so all you have to do is aim and kill. But as i said there are disadvanteges in the game mode. You have to and i mean you have to be careful of campers and snipers. They will pick you off one by one. And be careful of claymores and C4 their will be campers with C4 and will gladly wait to blow someone up. Well their you go i hope this will help you.

P.S Most of this artical is from experience.