A View of the Dome.


Dome is a small map in MW3 for all systems. It is a favorite for a huge ammount of players. Infeccted and Domination are the best game modes for a blood bath. Despite its small area,dome is handy for several camping and safe spots and zones. There are some glitches for this map on both multiplayer and Special Ops. On Spec Ops there are; Helicopers, Bomb Squads, Chemical Warfare, Dogs, and Riot Juggernauts.


As in the name the main landmark is the dome. There are several explosive barrels here for a quick kill. There is a small balcony, long realy, for a good break from close quarter combat. Though snipers will get the player if seen. There are several dark places and corners to hide in as well. Most usally don't hide on this map but some will when needed. Stealth airstikes are favored on this map for the ammount of kills usualy earned with it.


Info for them coming soon!

Objective LocationsEdit

Sorry people I need to study this a lil bit before I add the Info.

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