These are custom game modes that players can create in the private matches.

Note:You can add your own game modes too.

Gaming ModesEdit

Knife WarEdit

Items allowed to useEdit

Way to playEdit

A knife war can be a Free For All or A Team Death Match. No explosives allowed and is mostly used small maps. It can be free for all ar TDM. The person (or team) with the most points wins!

Micheal MyersEdit

Items Allowed to useEdit

  • Flash
  • Conncution
  • Ballistic Knife
  • Moition Sensors
  • Jammers
  • Combat Knife

Way To PlayEdit

First Switch the mode to TDM. Now make one player on one team and the rest on the other. Every one must hide while the one guy hunts them down. No one can kill the 1 guy untill you are the last one alive. If you kill him you win!

RC-XD RaceEdit

Items allowed to useEdit

  • RC-XD Killsteak
  • A Gun

How to Play Edit

First put the game mode to Free for all. Then each player must get 3 (or 2) kills to get an RC-XD. When all players are ready they will use them at the same time. Then they must race to the decided spot. If one players blows up that player is out unless he has another RC-XD. The first player to the finish area wins! Once the game is finished the host then must end and restart the match to race again.

Pistol WarEdit

Items allowed to useEdit

How to playEdit

Set the game to either TDM or FFA. All players must use pistols. No Lethal or Tacticals allowed. Attachment for guns can be added. And picking others pistols up is fine. The team (or player) who reaches the designed point max wins!

another popular gamemode is QUICKSCOPING/ 1V1