Creepy Crawler
Game Black Ops
Map Kino Der Toten

Five and Moon

Gender Unknown
Species Human
Population Med
Ability Explode

Shift(moon only)

Race Zombie
Health 100 (+100 every wave)
''These must have been the failed experiments Maxis mentioned.

Doctor Richtofen

Crawler Zombies, also known as NOVA-6 crawlers, are mutated normal zombies. Crawler Zombies are infused with Nova 6 suggesting that this zombie was created by combining Nova 6 victims with element 115.

In Moon they seem to have developed the new ability to "teleport" (a guess no real name for it) across distances in seconds, although it does appear to be eractic, it can still cause a problem as they can do this "teleporting" out of your sites.


Gas Zombies are a new type of enemy that appears in Nazi Zombies for CoD: Black Ops. These new zombies are kind of faster than regular zombies as they run around on all legs and hands. Gas Zombies seem to be mutated much more than regular zombies. They have a slimy  green/gray shade of skin and appear to be only wearing a cloth or shorts. They emit a distinct trail of green gas that makes them very noticable among the horde. Also, they have not retained their human facial features and instead an oversized Shark-like mouth with large teeth.