Colt M1911 with pouch


The colt is the starter pistol in the Zombies mode. It is effective till about round 3. On multi-player it features several attachments.


The colt pack-a-punched becomes the "Mustang and Sally" in blackops. It is dual weild and all bullets are explosive. It has high spash damage to the player and to the zombies. Use world at war it is called the dirty simmilar to mustang and sally except it is not dual wielded


  • Upgraded sights
  • Dual Weild
  • Suppreser
  • ACOG Scope


Colt M1911
All CoDs
Power Low
Fire Speed Med
Range Low
Reload Speed Fast
Capacity 8/80
Weight light
Level/Cost Default
Category Pistol
Mastang & Sally
Black Ops


Power High

Slash Damage

Fire Speed Med
Range Long
Reload Speed Fast
Capacity 6&6/50
Weight Light
Level/Cost $5000
Category Upgraded Pistol

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