Care Pack

A Care Package


The care package a killstreak earned when killing five people in a row without dying. With Hardline you need 4 instead. The Package drops a random kill streak or an Ammo box. Friendly care packages are green while the enemy ones are red.with hardline pro you can change the contents, and you can take an enemy package plus booby trap the care package.

Klill Streaks You Can Get on Black OpsEdit

  1. Ammo
  2. Spy Plane
  3. Counter-Spy Plane
  4. RC-XD
  5. SAM Turrent
  6. Sentery Gun
  7. Morter Team
  8. Heli-Copter
  9. Napalm Strike
  10. Rolling Thunder
  11. SR-71/Black Bird
  12. Attack Dogs
  13. Valarie Rockets
  14. grim reaper
  15. death machine
  16. chopper gunner
  17. gunship

Killstreaks You Can Get On MW3Edit

  1. UAV
  2. Counter-UAV
  3. Juggernaught
  4. Chopper
  5. EMP Burst
  6. Flack Jackets
  7. SAM Turrent
  8. Booby trap Package
  9. AH-6 Over Watch
  10. Pave Low
  11. Sentrey Gun
  12. Air Strike
  13. Stealth Bomber
  14. Recon Drone
  15. AC-130
  16. Reaper Drone

More can be added for this is not all the Perks and equipment you can get if you know them feel free to add them.


There is a title for calling in 150 care packages on MW3.
Care Pack 3

This is the title.

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