World at War

Call Of Duty World At War is the first Call of Duty to have a Zombies game Mode. It is featured an online Multi-Player, Online Zombies, Solo Zombies, Campian, and several options to make your CoD experiance even was published by activision and developed by treyarch


The Multi-Player has many types of game modes. Some are TDM, FFA, Hardcore FFA, Hardcore TDM, Veteran, and alot more. It has several guns, including the Type 99 and Type 100. It also has alot of Perks Including , Double Tap, and Jugger-Naught.


WaW has alot of Zombies maps and other stuff new to the CoD Uni-verse. In Zombies the Max Amount of People in a Lobby is 4. There was alot of bugs and glitches at the time due to the new experance to everyone. But it is a great new mode regaurdless.