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This page describes one of Call Of Duty Wiki's policies and guidelines
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Disambiguation refers to the act of differentiating between multiple uses of the same term or phrase. For example, in the game Red Dead Redemption, the term "Ammunition" refers to both "ammunition for weapons" and the co-op mission titled "Ammunition". This policy describes how disambiguation should be handled within this wiki. In the policy descriptions, below, the word "term" is used for simplicity, but ambiguous phrases or abbreviations would be handled the same way.

Page naming

When a given term has one primary use that is substantially more common, popular, or important than other secondary uses, the article for the primary use should be titled with the term. Articles for secondary uses would then be titled with variations to designate the difference. For example, the town of Armadillo in Red Dead Redemption is much more significant to the story than the animal Armadillo. The article titled "Armadillo" therefore covers the town while the animal is covered in the article titled "Armadillo (animal)".

If there is no single use of the term that could be considered primary, all articles related to the term would use variations to designate the differences and the term would be used to title a disambiguation page.

Disambiguation page vs. links

A disambiguation page should be created in the following circumstances. Each related page would then have a hatnote linking to the disambiguation page.

  • If, based on the rules under the "Page naming" section, above, there is not a primary use for the term. The term would be used as the title of the disambiguation page.
  • If there is a primary use for the term and multiple secondary uses. The disambiguation page would be titled with the term followed by "(disambiguation)".

A disambiguation page should not be created if there is a primary use for the term and only one secondary use. In this case, reciprocal disambiguation links would be created as hatnotes on each page.

Disambiguation page and link formats

A disambiguation page starts with the disambig template followed by a list of links.

Reciprocal disambiguation links for a pair of pages should be indented, italics, and phrased as:

You may also be looking for (alternate page link), (alternate page description).

Links from an article page to a disambiguation page should be indented, italics, and phrased as:

You may also be looking for [[page link|other meanings of term]].

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