This page describes one of Call Of Duty Wiki's policies and guidelines
All users are expected to follow policy, except where it would damage the wiki.
If you have any questions, suggestions, or complaints, please post them on the talk page.

Achievement Boosting is forbidden on this wiki. Administrators are to use their personal discretion to issue either a warning or a block.

What Is Boosting?Edit

Boosting is the process of making either useless or maybe even malicious edits just to simply heighten the count of edits they have made. It includes the following.

  • Making malicious edits and quickly undoing them. No harm is done to the page, but this is still boosting. The user could have spent his time actually correcting articles, information or otherwise.
  • Adding useless pictures to multiple pages.
  • Making multiple blogs corresponding to the amount of blogs you need to "write" to get an achievement.
  • Creating nonfunctional or irrelevant categories or misusing established categories.

What is not Boosting?Edit

Some things may appear to be boosting, but is not always so. For instance:

  • Edit wars between a normal user and a vandal, who is trying to vandalize the page, and the user who is quickly undoing his edits. If the user is simply signing out and in again to vandalize/undo, we can tell by the IP address. All edit wars are to be reported to an Administrator.

Additionally, valid contributions with the aim of garnering an achievement is allowed. Contributors should exercise great caution in ensuring that these additions are pragmatic, useful and accurate. Such instances will be investigated and reviewed by an administrator.