Black Ops
Power Med
Fire Speed Med to Fast
Range Short
Reload Speed Fast
Capacity 12
Weight Light
Level/Cost $950

$2000 CoD Points

Category Pistol
Calamity & Jane
Black Ops
Power High
Fire Speed Med to Fast
Range Med
Reload Speed Fast
Capacity 20
Weight Light
Level/Cost $5000
Category Upgraded Pistol


The CZ75 is a pistol in CoD:Black Ops. It has high damage and is the only pistol with the full-auto attachment. It is favored by several players and is mostly called the best of all the pistols. It can be bought for $2000 CoD Points.after all pistols have been bought


With Dual-Wield, it can be fairly effective, despite its medium damage. Due to its high reserve ammunition, (288) if one pistol is fired at a time, so that the other reloads while the other is shot, fire can be sustained indefinitely. However, some players may dislike the Dual-Wield due to the fact it cannot ADS (aim down sights). This means many shots will miss and therefore be wasted, somewhat canceling out the advantage of the increased ammo. It can be obtained from the Box for $950.


Pack-A-Punched it becomes the "Calamity & Jane". When upgraded it gains extended mags, full-auto, and more ammo reserve. It also like all guns PAPed has more damage.


  • Extended Mag
  • Full-Auto
  • Dual Weild
  • Upgraded Iron Sights

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