Zombies UseEdit

In zombies this knife is obtained in the Mystery Box for $950. It does about 400 damage unupgraded per stab. It has the ablity to shoot long distances.when pap it becoms the kraus refibiulater and revives players

Multi-Player UseEdit

In Multi-Player it is one shot/stab kill. It is bought for $2000 COD points. It has the same properties as in zombies.


This knife can be paired up with the huge bowie knife when bought. Causing all stabs to be Fastkills no matter what wave number it is. The Bowie knife will be with the ballistic when you pull it out.also with the sickle


Balistic Knife
Black Ops
Power Multi= High

Zombies= Low

Fire Speed High
Range Med


Reload Speed Med
Capacity 1/4
Weight Light
Level/Cost $2000 CoD Points


Users Any
Category Knife/Melee