The Aug is on CoD Black Ops on zombies and Muti Player. It has a fast fire and damage rate. It is a good gun over all. It can be effective till round 15. Then you need headshote or upgrade it. Only on the Wii version is it able to be bought of a wall for $1200


The aug has a ACOG scope on by defualt and is grayish in color.


Pack-a-Punched AUG becomes the Aug 50 M3. It adds a mastery attachment, and more damage, and is effectiv till round 20.



Aug 50M3

Black Ops
Power Med-High

Upgraded- High

Fire Speed Fast
Range Med/long
Reload Speed Fast
Capacity 30/260


Weight Med
Level/Cost $1200

$2000 CoD Points

Users All
Category MG

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